About Heather

Heather Osby is Pre/Postnatal Fitness trainer that has been coaching women for 7 years. She began her coaching career as a Crossfit coach and later moved into more 1-1 training of moms. In her work with women, Heather discovered that many of them were struggling with pelvic floor issues and/or a diastasis recti that wasn’t functioning well. There seemed to be no great resources for these women. Thus a passion for serving these women was born and a quest for knowledge and training began. Heather has taken courses, attended seminars, and received certifications in the pre/postnatal space from industry experts like Antony Lo, Brianna Battles, Julie Wiebe, Jessie Mundell, and more.

In addition to her work in the pregnancy and postpartum space, Heather runs a successful online fitness program designed for busy moms who want to work out, but need someone to tell them what to do and hold them accountable.

Heather is married and has 3 daughters. She is also the mother of 2 poorly behaved dogs. When not working you can find her organizing literally anything, drinking a pink drink, or saying something sarcastic on the internet.